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Bayside ACME BACKLOT New Bayside building kids play area.


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a Frank Gehry inspired set design that uses ALuminum to HNL


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Bayside Easter was at TWO locations this year!


Posted by Colt Sammons On May - 1st - 2009

Bayside Easter was at TWO locations this year!

Bayside Lanterns

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Light the stage up with Multi Towers

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Florida Getaway

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Bohemian Rhapsody

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Dirt Cake

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How to Make:

1- 80z Philadelphia Cream Cheese
.5 Stick margarine

STIR IN: (Mix Pudding & Milk together, then add sugar and Cool Whip)]
.5 cup of powered sugar
2 small chocolate instant pudding
3.5 cup of milk
1 med size Cool Whip

2 large packages of Oreo Cookies ( the More Oreo the better)

Crush cookies 3 to 4 at a time in the blender for the dirt

layer pudding then dirt in flower vase, bowl or anyting that would fit the theme of "Dirt Cake"

garnish with gummy worms and or flowers. A little Heath Bar crushed is a good topper

serve with a garden towel

Option: can be served with a plastic garbage pail or sand pail with a shovel... cool with a diosour, Movie Cars, or anything cake that needs a earth top.

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Bayside Kids Check-In Stations

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These 3 LSU "JASON" colored stations are going in for Bayside Kids Fellowship One (F1) check in at Freedom Elementary where they can be portable and protected, since Bayside is a portable church

In the Front parents can use the bar code reader for rapid check in (left of screen). Then they can use the touch panels to navigate around F1 and check in. After checking in the kids the parent can then grab the ids from the label printer (right of the screen) and use the recycling bin located in the desk station.

In the back volunteers can access the laptop and override controls if need be.

Overall the station will be on casters and will have one power cord instead of three.

I like the design of the angles, but now I have to build them. WHY LSU?

24/7 Orientation 2009

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Rear Projected 24/7 Logo on spandex (3 Projectors)

Spandex separation allowed the catering to come in and out of the preparation area.

  • Rosebrand White Tendo IFR spandex (Inherently Flame Retardant - Means it can be washed and keep its Flame Retardant)
  • Homemade sandbags
  • Releasable cable ties
  • Easy Clips on the spandex
  • 2 par cans with red gels
  • 3 projectors and lots of vga (projectors had monitors out, if not I would of needed a vga splitter)
  • propresenter 3 (make sure you have your screen saver and power management off) opps
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Fall Bayside Set Design BUILT

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Custom made Screen 7.5'H x 10'w. made out of 2x4's and White Tendo spandex. It was very hard to hang the screen 1.5' off the infrastructure and keep everything in balance. yikes

100watt light bulb.
I found this socket to edison at Lowes for 2.50. good buy since I did not have to custom wire anything. also these white and sometimes brown cords work great for jobs like these and custom work. They cost about 1.99 for 15' and come with a male and a three female break. When you buy those ends individually it can cost more than 8 bucks and still need wire. just cut a end off and wire it to your source. saves a lot of time and money.

"How does it work?" HERES HOW!
This is a view from the back side of the set. As you can see that it took a lot of wires to make the lighting happen.

Working on the stage right wing, used about 70'

Both wings done, testing out how the LED's on the AL

Its up and running

Of course it can change colors

In this picture I only have the white 100watt bulbs on. it kinda gives it a Doctor Hyde look, but allows the screen to change colors and always match the set. Makes a snapshot picture every time.

New stage layout, its a lot of work every week to setup, but looks awesome.

Description will be up shortly...
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Fall Bayside Set Design

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Bayside Fall Set Design Build Times

Hey everyone,
I'm sending you all this email to ask if you can make it to any of these dates below.

Must brings:
-Heavy duty gloves, we will be working with sharp aluminum.

If you have it, please bring it:
-chop saw
-cordless drill*
-tape measure
-aluminum snips

Attached are pictures of what the Set Design is inspired by. We will be molding and cutting 24"X50' rolls of aluminum an applying to our current set design wall for support. the screen is going to be made out of spandex and is going to be stretched over a 2x4 frame that pushes out from the metal to create a 3D floating look.

8/26 Wednesday 3pm-830pm taking old set design (lighting) down / begin cutting aluminum and applying to current wall
8/27 Thursday 3pm-830pm
8/28 Friday 430pm-630pm
8/29 Saturday 1pm-3pm

If you can make it to any of these dates please email me or call me. I'm pumped about this new design and I can't wait to start working with you on it, hope to see you there!

Colt Sammons


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View From the Small Group Hallway

This baysidePRODUCTIONS design was for our Summer 09 Small Group Rally Weekend. Garrett Walker, Courtney Gill and I spent an hour one Saturday morning making this thing happen.

Basically we were confined to a 3'X 2' flat space. The powers above never made any height restrictions, SO we went VERTICAL! We suspended a 10 foot truss from the rafters and attached 8 Chauvet color-rain 64's and 2 Studio Spot 250's. then we used road cases for a table and used a iMac with PhotoBooth (mirror) (thanks to Joe L)and studio moniters for some jams to attract future baysidePRODUCTION people. It was a total success and totally blew the minds of people walking by. Don't give baysidePRODUCTIONS any restrictions!
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TOMS Shoes

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For Epic Bayside's High School Ministry Charles had TOMS Shoes visit to help support Epic missions.

What is TOMS?
Founded on a simple premise: For every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what we're all about.

When TOMS came to visit Bayside I wanted to create an environment that would set a mood for the youth on how important missions are to Bayside. The design is a hanging bamboo structure that has four anchor points and is assembled with zip ties my favorite. I wanted to wrap the zip tie connection points with hemp rope to make the appearance that the structure was held together that way, but due to setting up in a school I was unable to go that far into detail. I also used eight Chauvet color rain LED light fixtures that I suspended from one side of the bamboo. To the left in the last picture you can see a little bit of the muslin curtain that I tied to a 30' truss that was flown with a 50% fullness. The curtain helped give the organic feel and set a background for the merch table. It also cover this hug mural the school has painted on the wall "Go Freedom Elementary!"
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Bayside Easter 2009 Freedom

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Images are down

Bayside Easter 2009 Haile

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The White Borad

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One of my favorite creative medias is to use a white board. I'm a huge HOUSE fan and love the fact that I use a white board like him. I have been using one for longer than the show, so im not a freak. But I carry a 2'x 4' white board around the office to all my meetings. Just felt I should share this with you guys.

Bayside Lanterns

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Tribute To Heath Sammons

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Bayside Volunteer Banquet 2008

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Every year the Bayside staff holds a Christmas volunteer party and the creative department try's to always go above and beyond with making the volunteers(vol) fell much appreciated and loved. In November a group of creative staff went around for about 3 weeks gathering face shoots of all of our awesome volunteers, it was a little awkward taking pictures of random vol and not being able to tell them what it was for, however most cooperated. We also encouraged the vol to be very expressive and hi·lar·i·ous. After we collected all the pictures I turned them into B/W using the best mass picture program ever; Google's Picasa 3.
Paper Wall Tips:
1) Picasa 3 mac, When/if you convert the images to B/O you will more than likely need to adjust the contrast ans brightness (I'm feeling Lucky), test the prints.
2) Use card stock, it will cut your time more than half.
3) layout two horizontal rows FACE DOWN/ RIGHT SIDE UP and apply packing tape.
4) Lots and Lots of packing Tape (clear)

Full stage shoot

Close up

Pastor Randy and Amy Bezet

Balloon Drop

Sarcastically I say yeah for Balloon drops. OK PEOPLE, these things are HARD and very time consuming.
I went online and found a balloon drop kit for about 40 dollars and also purchased three different colors for an additional hundred. I don't remember how many, but it was a lot of balloons. With a consistent group of three people 1) using an air compressor and two tying the balloons it took about 5 hours to fill the drop 5/8 full. So I recommend that you have a very large team to pull of your/my next B-drop. and for a 30sec awe. NO, haha

notes to look out for:
1) Make sure the venue you are using does not have a laser fire alarm system. experience:-(
2) Have more than 2 air compressors
3) research and try to find an alternative to tying balloons (be special and save a finger or two)
4)have a Genie life, two is always better
5)beware these drops are narrow and long! great for a hallway
6)zip tie the string at the ends while you hang the system, it not you will have a premature dropness
good luck.

More Pictures

Location: Bradenton,Fl. Bradenton Municipal Auditorium

Bayside Christmas 2008

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Sorry everyone for the lack of pictures, I am bad at documenting my stuff.

The Backdrop is a one of a kind Bubble wrap curtain hand crafted by the Bayside Set Crew. Bubble wrap site free shipping! good thing to, it would be crazy to pay shipping on something you would ship later yourself. We used about 10 rolls